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If you're applying a servicing stack update, make sure to restart the server after applying the servicing stack update before applying additional updates.Note If you've created the Nano Server VHD or VHDX image using the New-Nano Server Image cmdlet and didn't specify a Max Size for the virtual hard disk file, the default size of 4GB is too small to apply the cumulative update.Visit the Microsoft Update Catalog to download each of these update packages: After downloading the files from the Microsoft Update Catalog, save them to a network share or local directory such as C:\Servicing Packages.You can rename the files based on their KB number as we've done below to make them easier to identify.

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Between these CBB releases, Nano Server stays current with a series of .

Nano Server offers a variety of methods for staying up to date.

Compared to other installation options of Windows Server, Nano Server follows a more active servicing model similar to that of Windows 10.

Then use the EXPAND utility to extract the files from the files into separate directories and copy the into a single folder.

mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936 mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366 Expand C:\Servicing Packages\KB3176936-F:* C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936 Expand C:\Servicing Packages\KB3192366-F:* C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366 mkdir C:\Servicing Packages_cabs copy C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3176936\Windows10.0-KB3176936-x64C:\Servicing Packages_cabs copy C:\Servicing Packages_expanded\KB3192366\Windows10.0-KB3192366-x64C:\Servicing Packages_cabs Now you can use the extracted files to apply the updates to a Nano Server image in a few different ways, depending on your needs.

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