Listbox not updating when datasource changes wpf

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Before I discuss data binding in general, I must confess, Microsoft experts have made a big mess related to data-binding in . Instead of making things simpler, they have made them complicated. On Add button click event handler, we get the value and index of the selected item in the left side List Box and add that to the right side List Box and remove that item from the Array List, which is our data source. We create resources Data Template type called list Box Template.

May be they have some bigger plans in future but so far I have seen binding using dependency objects and properties, LINQ and DLINQ, and WCF and ASP. A data template is used to represent data in a formatted way.

will help in this case as the problem lies with multi threading in your code...

Use this custom implementation of thread safe and faster observable collection for your ease...

(It's a list of players so when certain packets are received the list is updated with their data.) My problem is when the collection is updated inside one of the async callbacks it doesn't update on the list.

The collection data is updated properly, setting a break in the main code anywhere shows the collection being updated but the listbox never updates to reflect the changes.

To display an image side by side some text, I simply put an Image and Text Block control within a Stack Panel. Source property takes the name of the image you would like to display in the Image control and Text Block.

Text property takes a string that you would like to display in the Text Block.

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I'm currently attempting to bind a List Box to a singleton exposed Observable Collection of items. Currently, I am binding like this: Currently, the binding works on startup.

The Name property represents the name of the control, which is a unique identifier of a control.

The Margin property tells the location of a List Box on the parent control.

The Horizontal Alignment and Vertical Alignment properties are used to set horizontal and vertical alignments.

We can put any controls inside a List Box Item such as an image and text.

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