Excel dating system

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In the ISO standard, week one can begin as early as December 29th of the preceding calendar year. Some calendar years will have 52 weeks, and some will have 53 weeks.

Another way to compute the week number is to use a user-defined function (UDF) in a standard module of a workbook.The following procedure (provided by Daniel Maher) demonstrates how to do this.For more information about the ISO standard and a sample workbook with examples showing how to use ISO dates or week numbers, see Ron de Bruin's ISO Date Representation and Week Numbering.Example data, mentors down the left, mentees along the top. Where their number 1 choice isn't available they would get their second choice.The mentees are the ones doing the scoring: So for example looking at the data above Sandra and Kevin would be a good match. I really hope this makes sense and if not please let me know and I will try and explain better. I have been experiementing with If statements at the moment but not making much headway.

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