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Grid View was filled with the old values again, so in my Grid.

Pokud používáte integrované vkládání, úpravy nebo odstranění funkce ovládacích prvků Grid View, Details View nebo Form View, transpire celou řadu kroků při koncový uživatel dokončí proces přidávání nového záznamu nebo aktualizaci nebo odstranění existujícího záznamu.

I want to update a table based upon when the values in the gridview are edited. New Values to get the new values but the values are all null.(Even though the new numbers have been updated). Old Values, the original values are there as they come across from the stored procedure. with this code: Unfortunately, I do need the columns dynamically. I can access the original values, but I cannot get to the new values I change in the edit textboxes. -Joe Hi ecbruck My db table has the product number, Retailer, and the date as the compound key. Controls(0) 'Not sure whether index is correct in your case, you can set a breakpoint here to test 't.

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In my Grid View I am trying to set specific values for columns that are contained in an Entity Data Source. EDIT: Markup: Where "Bind Grid" above is whatever process / method / code you use to bind data to your aspx Grid View. "Shale Play" is not the name of the field in the datasource that's populating your Grid View. I have a gridview that is created from a stored procedure. The database table used here has just two fields (sid and sname) My code is as follows: Web Page: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- im having the same problem i think: in my case i have set binding for template fields; ive a grid with 2 types of field: - bound filed editable (no the tamplate) - bound readonly field (template field) ive set Eval for the template and it is readonly, i placed also Bind to make a test but still count is zero; also had a try changing the datasource, and sure i have set the key field for the grid. OK, so I solved my problem, but not straight forward. I am having a similar problem, but I don't have any Edit Item Template items in my grid. I just changed my code to use an Object Data Source.

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