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Despite being born in Italy, the twins were raised in their parents' hometown of Long Beach, California.

In early 1993, the twins began their first role at six months old in a toilet paper commercial, apparently getting the role as they were the only babies in the green room that were not crying. Later that year and until 1998, the two got a dual role as Patrick Kelly in Grace Under Fire, again switching for one another during different scenes. In 1999, the twins landed their first major role in Big Daddy, a feature film starring Adam Sandler, marking what would be the beginning of their feature acting career.

Beverly Mitchell, Mackenzie Rosman, and Jessica Biel know there's no greater feelin' than the love of family, and Mitchell could do nothing but gush about her TV sisters on her blog.

Hope you guys check out my character when he’s released! Half beast half machine creatures stalk children on plains infested with giant rodents.

The sun, a being of pure light has gained conciousnesss, both gibbering and wailing its existential nightmare like a dictator to the cyborgs below. In celebration of the first batch brewing at All Wise Meadery, we made a bunch of the brewer hats we wear for friends, family, and you guys.

Following this movie, they jumped around to minor roles in The Astronaut's Wife, The Chanukah Song, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, and Just for Kicks, among others.

Returning to work with Adam Sandler once more, the two did voiceover roles for his feature film, Eight Crazy Nights.

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