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Hannah Gruen's friend, Rose Green, is in the process of renovating an old Victorian mansion into a Bed and Breakfast in San Francisco and has invited Nancy to help her.

However, she and her crew have experienced a lot of suspicious accidents and Nancy is determined to find out why.

Louis to interview television star Brady Armstrong, who is giving the last premiere the theater will ever see because it is scheduled to be demolished in just three days.

A few moments after Maya enters Brady's dressing room, Nancy hears her scream and call out Nancy's name.

the castle holds a mystery over 2 centuries old- rumor of a hidden treasure by Marie Antoinette.

Nancy, skeptical of ghosts and not one to frighten easily, is determined to figure out who really scared her friend away.But one day, she calls Nancy saying she desperately needs her detective skills.When Nancy arrives at the lakeside cabin, Sally has already fled.Nancy became best friends with Bess Marvin and George Fayne and at some point began dating Ned Nickerson.She would often include them on her adventures, be it in person or through phone calls.

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