Advice for men dating a single mom

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To begin, let me just say, moms have wonderful qualities other women may not have yet developed. In some cases, for a single mom it becomes less urgent because they are more cautious mostly due to what they've already been through. Let them get to know you as a friend of mom's and not as a potential dad.For example; caring for a child requires sacrifice, patience, tolerance, responsibility, kindness and frequent forgiveness. Is a single mother looking to find a father for her kids and trying to marry as soon as possible? Most all women and men eventually want to get married and have a family. This is key because; the relationship may not work out with their mom.Recently, several of my freshly divorced friends have confided in me about their struggles.They share the same feelings (as I did and do) of excitement, trepidation, anxiety, confusion and fear over their newborn single status.She's only known the security of married life -- all in and completely devoted.Taking it slow and playing a smooth game is not her M. Remember, she spent every night for years with the same person.

My advice is to be sensitive to her single/dating immaturity.I can't think of anything more alluring to a mom than to find a guy she likes who shows kindness, care and concern for her kids.This being said, her children being put first will be a non issue.In a world filled with selfishness, super-high expectations and sheer spoiled bratness, what man would not want a woman with a more refined character, which often comes with the difficult job of motherhood? They shouldn't have the pressure to feel like they "have" to like you. If you have gone out on 3 or more dates and you think this could turn into something more serious then it could be a good time to meet her kids.

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