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Another couple of centuries passed before no less a figure than Hadrian, during his stay in Athens between 124 and 125 CE, took up the construction again.

Sulla had actually stolen a few of the columns in 86 BCE for re-use in Rome’s Temple of Jupiter and Augustus had dabbled a little with rebuilding the temple in the early 1st century CE but it was Hadrian, the great philhellene, who finally managed to finish one of the biggest ever ancient temples in 131 CE.

He employed the skills of the Roman architect Cossutius and by 163 BCE the columns and entablature of the now Corinthian order temple were finally erected.

The Vet advised Britt to get the family to spend as much time with Zeus as he'd be lucky to survive the weekend.

Then 2 days later On February 27th 2017, Zeus sadly passed away in the early hours of the morning. Minutes after people flooded in with condolences to Roman and the family and started to #RIPZeus on Twitter. For instance, paintings, sculptures, drawings, pictures, and many other things of Zeus.

Roman had confirmed it Via Twitter saying- "This is so hard for me to post. After Zeus passed away, everyone took the loss hard. Zeus never got to meet Roman and Brittney's newborn daughter, Cora Atwood .

A propylon gate in Hymettan marble was placed in the north-west corner of the wall.

In the centre of this rectangle the massive marble Temple of Zeus measured 110.35 x 43.68 m.

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