Who has shane west dating

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I have to mail my dad's Father's Day cards.I have to pick up my friend who is staying with me this week, and then I have to get back to my house because hair and makeup are meeting me there for my appearance on Craig Ferguson tonight. Ashley: Going to Disneyland for free and having a VIP guide and not having to line up for the rides. I felt guilty for about 35 seconds, but then that wore off, and I became a complete monster and was wearing Mickey Mouse ears, eating all the sugar, and having a blast.And if they called me Shane, it was only a recent thing. Last year, I went with Topshop, a brand I'm very close with, so it always feels warm and happy working with Sir Philip Green. In Shane's [words] he'd probably say: feisty, independent, feline. It's not that I'm scared of people looking at me, but I just need the extra attention to make me work out!Glamour: What's been the coolest night you've gotten to experience because of the fame you've achieved? As we were doing the carpet, my friend says, "When we get to the top of the stairs, we're going to meet Anna Wintour, and she's going to say hi and shake your hand." So when I [eventually] meet Anna Wintour, she says, "You look good." I looked at my friend and was like, "Hello! I got to play onstage with the band for the very first time. []Shane: I've never been that Hollywood of a guy. It's not the norm, but I go probably about two or three times a week.Then the gym, and then pack for my trip to Toronto and New York.Ashley: I'm going to the post office, so I have to assume that could take an hour.So to endure a double insecurity in dating, you have to really be strong to make it work.Then again, if you date someone outside the industry, they can be a little more real and more down-to-earth.

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Hanging out with these two (who star on WGN America's hit new series ) isn't work at all, and it's only because of how laid-back, witty, and thoughtful they are.

That night was so many people I grew up listening to, and here I was backstage hanging out with them. So now I look for the cheapest, the best, the most expensive, whatever's free, whatever's not free, all that kind of stuff.

There's been Emmy parties or Oscar parties through the years where I'm standing next to Sean Penn or Kevin Spacey, and those are phenomenal, geek-out moments, but when you're putting your heart and soul out on the line in music and they are there supporting you, that's pretty awesome. I'm not a pedicure-manicure guy, and I don't need to sit in a steam bath, but an hour massage…very much addicted!

It's been 15 years since "A Walk to Remember" premiered in 2002, and it lives on to this day as one of the best high school romance movies of all time.

It was about two people who couldn't be more opposite falling in love.

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