Vassar college dating scene

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The Lady Elena's life was not a long one but one that was devoted to intensive study, religious observance and ministering to the poor. The funeral was a counterpart of her triumph when she was awarded the Doctorate.

The members of all the Faculties of the University attended robed in gown and mozetta, and the casket was carried by four professors to the Basilica of St. At her request, the body was clothed in the habit of a Benedictine Oblate, which she was at the time of her death.

Home / About / History of the Libraries / Download PDF version | View more photos of the window The stained glass window in the Thompson Memorial Library at Vassar College appropriately represents a memorable event in the history of the higher education of women, namely, the conferring of the first Doctorate to a woman.

In 1678 the University of Padua conferred the degree on Lady Elena Lucretia Cornaro-Piscopia, a young Venetian who, as a woman, had previously been denied the examination for the Doctor of Theology degree.

People party every weekend, and a lot of people (though not everyone) do drink. Heads, teds, keds, beats, smokers, tokers, lovers, cheechers, sharers, steerers, clearers, those of the green and the leaf and the tea, come one come all cuz this is an intellectual school and we don't destroy with alcohol, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH, so much as we create and daze out spool out connect on dream spawn memory quake put the brake on smoking that shit kid don'tcha kno that weeeeed destroy de brain not so not so not so if used correctly man, fogit abusing that reefer man, you must learn sooner or later thatcha can't smoke every 5 hours and still hand out motivation drive function junction....marijuana culture is so elegant here, it is a never ending learning experience, social divulgence, indulgence, interaction.

There are always a lot of things to do that don't involve drinking--plays, musical performances, movies, etc. Just use it widely, don't fall prey to the bullshit and git yo shit done mang!

Students in dorms don't leave their doors open when they leave the building, but many don't lock them.

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The public ceremony was held in the Cathedral of Padua in the presence of the University authorities, the professors of all the faculties, the students, and most of the Venetian Senators, together with many invited guests from the Universities of Bologna, Ferrara, Perugia, Rome, and Naples.Chances are that if you can think of it, there is a student group for it.Some of the biggest groups are The Philaletheists (no one knows how to spell their name) which organizes student theater shows almost every weekend, and NSO, which focuses on gaming events.Lady Elena Lucretia was born in the Palazzo Loredano, at Venice, June 5, 1646.She was the third child of John Baptist Cornaro-Piscopia, Procurator of St. The Cornaro-Piscopia family were people of note and importance in the history of the Venetian Republic.

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