Updating cassette shower in pop up

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The original series 9 models start with 90xx (example 9095cc), and the updated models use the prefix 92xx (example 9290cc).

We discuss the minor differences and the reason for the change throughout the article below.

2018 – Men who have used electric shavers in the past probably don’t need an introduction to Braun, the German company which has been in the forefront of electric razor technology for years.There’s also a five-minute “emergency charge” feature which can give you a little extra time if you need it.The review team were also are impressed with the attractive combination cleaning and charging station (all the models that end with “cc” have the cleaning and chargingstation, while suffix of “s” is without the cleaning station) which gets all of the hairs out of the blades and disinfects them while your razor is recharging, and automatically determines how dirty your razor is before choosing the correct cleaning program.It’s made from chrome-finished plastic so it looks sleek, yet it’s solid and obviously extremely well-built.And when you turn it on and begin using it you know there’s something special going on because it delivers a closer shave than any foil electric razor you’ve used before (our #2 choice the Panasonic Arc 5 now shaves just as close – read section #2 for our Braun Series 9 and Panasonic Ar5 head to head discussion).

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