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It looks like maybe you had an older version of the DSE already in there, and when you unzipped the new one, instead of replacing the files it made two versions of the same file, one with a (2) on the end.

Changing the theme doesn't change the colour and a blue bar looks kind of odd on a yellow background.

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I'm not sure which version of the file is newest, so you could either delete the older versions if there are two of certain files, or you could delete the dse directory and unzip it again.

The main reason you wouldn't do this would be to encourage the user to think about their choices each time, but for some schedules it might make sense for the default to be what they did last time.

I know this is a pretty odd question and i'm not sure if here is the right place to post I change the colour of the stats bar?

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If you are using a completely different theme and want to use its default bars, you can just delete these lines.

Open up and look for "label day:" You should see where we initialize each of these variables and reset them every day; it looks like this: # Here, we want to set up some of the default values for the # day planner.

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