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Phil has been grinning in belief that he is happily married, but its all lies, as the man witnessed the marriage fall apart.He will always remember the first/last time they met, assuming it was when Phil found out about the affair, then the man then states that he isn't fooled by Phil's celebrity status, that the painful memory of this will remain forever. I think it's more about anger, than revenge, myself, but each to his own. Did you_ See/feel/ Predict it's coming/Knew it was possible?

Absolutely perfect, the Drums he plays at the end when started reminds me of gunfire.Basically, the line "So wipe off your grin, I know where you've been, it's all been a pack of lies" sticks out a lot.Basically, when she sees my face, I hope it tortures her more than it tortures me, because for being so unfaithful, its what she deserves.After reading many comments on the songs meaning, as a songwriter, I can tell you the majority of songwriters are just happy to find a great riff and melody for a song, and finish it.Any claims about lyrics meaning this or that, is usually nonsense.

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