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Correlation means one thing is linked to another thing, like rich men being more likely to have attractive women with them, but not necessarily because of their wealth.Now, there are of course some women who will only date men above a certain height, income level, and so on, but the majority of women aren’t like this.The customer won't pay the entire original 0 unless and until the plumber absorbs the error instead of just paying the (undisputed part of the) bill of 0.In this example of NIGYSOB (Berne often abbreviates his names for games by using their acronyms), the 'white' (the customer) receives a gain in the form of a justifcation for his rage, and can avoid confronting his own deficiencies. Not all interactions or transactions are part of a game.The plumber also receives a gain from his clear refusal to adhere to the terms of the agreement, although in the book's example, he eventually gives in - an example of the game "Why does this always happen to me? Specifically, if both parties in a one-on-one conversation remain in an Adult-to-Adult ego-state, it is less likely that a game is being played.

Actors, business owners, executives, guys with nice houses and fast cars.The problem is this: 1) Attraction is a genetic thing – women are programmed to respond to certain qualities like height, dominance, confidence, and so on.Historically (we’re talking hundreds of thousands of years) the men who possessed these qualities produced offspring with a higher chance of survival than men who didn’t, and as a result these men were responsible for a greater percentage of surviving children.Although you don’t really need to be your classic alpha male type to survive and do well these days, the ancient attraction programming remains intact and pushes women towards guys who behave this way.Don’t go try to be an alpha male though – what you think it means and what it actually is are likely two very different things.

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