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The research focused on four themes: vulnerability to climatic change, adaptation, mitigation and adaptation-plus-mitigation efforts.

By studying industries, institutions and local communities, the researchers have been able to highlight the need for cooperation between these players and effective and sustainable adaptation and mitigation measures.

Climatic change, the result of rapid technological innovations and industrial growth, is one phenomenon that is impacting our quality of life drastically.

It is causing social and behavioural adaptations on all levels – government, business, societal and personal.

s preferences and survival strategies as well as the short-term effects of damaging their resource base.

Similarly, the impact on tourism has been researched with reference to coastal areas.

people all over the world are trying to combat climatic change in many ways.

The book ‘The Social and Behavioural Aspects of Climate Change’ is a compilation of researches funded by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, and edited by Pim Martens and Chiung Ting Chang highlighting the multitude of ways in which we are trying to modify our lives and business practices.

For instance the vulnerability assessment framework is a necessary tool for our region ?

Finally this book highlights themes for future researches.

Given that mitigation and adaptation are mismatched spatially and temporally, it is difficult for people to assess the long-term impacts of their adaptation strategies.

Hazardous roads hamper accessibility and air travel is rendered unreliable due to the weather conditions in mountainous regions.

Add to that, the sudden formation of lakes due to global warming and land sliding that blocks roads and food supplies, and you have the perfect tourist nightmare.

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