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Further, it discusses issues related to some special trust and estate entities, namely, grantor trusts, pooled income funds, qualified subchapter S trusts (QSSTs), electing small business trusts (ESBTs), bankruptcy estates, and foreign trusts.Understanding the uses of trusts generally requires an understanding of their purpose.Time and again, CPAs and other accounting and tax professionals are faced with the unique income tax provisions related to trusts and estates.Aside from summarizing the general rules related to the income taxation of estates and trusts, this article highlights the impact of different legal authorities applicable to trusts.Because trusts generally have much lower deductions, compressed marginal tax rates, and a much lower threshold for the net investment income tax, they may incur higher income taxes than individuals, especially if they retain current Details of these differences and accounting for trusts and estates have been discussed in prior editions of the Jof A (see "Income Tax Accounting for Trusts and Estates," Jof A, Oct.

This type of trust is created when several donors contribute an irrevocable remainder interest of property to a public charity or for charitable use, while retaining an income interest for the life of one or several individual beneficiaries.

Thus, it is important to establish the situs of the trust, which is determined either by a provision in the agreement or by considering various factors such as the trustee's principal place of business or where the trust is (mostly) administered.

As stated above, if the statutory local law is silent or unclear, one may want to research the issue via the Restatement of the Law, Trusts The interaction of different laws can be illustrated by contrasting language between a typical grantor trust agreement and a Nevada statute on trustee accounts. Section 165.1207(1) requires the trustee to furnish an account to each beneficiary "[t]o the extent the trust instrument does not provide otherwise." In other words, an agreement could specify no filings, and since the statute defers to the trust agreement if it provides for no filings, in that case, no filings would be required in the state of Nevada.

Due to the compressed tax brackets and the net investment income tax, marginal rates can quickly reach 40% or greater.

The progressivity for individual taxpayers, regardless of filing status, extends over much larger dollar amounts.

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