Java code for validating email address

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When IP filed disabled, check MAC validation I copied a mistake from your script (I think) and missed it. has a value) then you do the test for the MAC address. bol I use firefox molliza When I input either right IP or MAC and click on submit button, it got the error message. The validate() function had some issues and did some things it didn't need to.The problem is in the if in both cases there is just one equal sign, not 2. } else if (dt4.disabled == false) else if (dt3.disabled == false) I think the logic for the If's is fine. Of course, when either input IP or MAC, another field got disabled before it is submitted. I still have disabled in and it seems like the code (errors and success) will work.To do the same thing in Silver Stream, you just need a slight variation, as described in the next section.Do you need to validate or verify an email address?

} else if (dt3.disabled = false) bol Also, I suspect the logic may be wrong for this code } else if (dt4.disabled = false) else if (dt3.disabled = false) My logic is when MAC field disabled, check IP validation. Illegal Argument E What browser are you using or where are you getting those error messages? If you are concerned about a value in both you can test for that and alert to remove one.So I updated the Java regular expression to validate email address.I am pretty sure that the following Java regular expression will validate any email address.But this time, the instead of on submitting the form, validations are on field level, i.e. Sure that will be preety interesting to learn and share as well. There was a missing closing bracket in the code I corrected below. bol OK here is the updated result When input a wrong MAC, it pops up warning messege - OK When input a wrong IP, it pop-up messege - OK Problem is When input a right MAC, it throws out an exception or When input a right IP, it throws out an exception Caused by: It does seem to be related to disabling the fields. Let me know because, if not, then it will be simpler.

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