Is chris angel dating holly madison organic relationship dating

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She eventually left him and finally pursued her own dreams, landing a reality TV series of her own, appearing on "Dancing with the Stars" and starring in a Las Vegas show.

These days she's married to Pasquale Rotella and the two have one daughter together, Rainbow.

Oregon native Holly Madison has been playboy Hugh Hefner's No. And though the 82-year-old has two other girlfriends -- and a reality TV show wrapping them all together in a neat little bow -- it has always been pretty clear that Hef and Holly do have a real and caring relationship. Rumors have been circulating that Madison (who attended St Helens High School, class of '97) has been seeing hipster magician Criss Angel.

Down the road, Pop Tarts scooped in a (slightly) more civilized affair being held by the Accompanied Literacy Society in honor of Edgar Allan Poe.Apparently all hell broke lose at last weekend's Halloween bash as Hef's playmates are unhappy with his new 19-year-old lovers and even at the wildest party of the year, he had to tell at least one of them to behave.While in the VIP section, one of the troublesome (underage) twins was reportedly embarrassingly intoxicated and loudly instructed the waiter to bring her more booze, prompting Hef to pull her aside and insist that she settle down.While a good portion of her new tell-all, "Down the Rabbit Hole: Curious Adventures and Cautionary Tales of a Former Playboy Bunny," is all about her volatile relationship with the Playboy head honcho, she also devotes a few chapters to her troubled history with magician Criss Angel.In the book, Holly says she met the Las Vegas magician while she was still living in the mansion -- but insists the two only flirted, saying nothing happened between them until after she split from Hef.

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