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ASP includes the following two collections in the Request object to help process form information: the Query String collection and the Form collection.

A general method of protection against these kinds of attacks is to Server.

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For example, the following line of JScript returns only the first of multiple values for a form element: A common use of intranet and Internet server applications is to accept user input by implementing a form in your Web page.Using this method of processing and validating user input can greatly enhance the usability and responsiveness of your Web-based forms.For example, by placing error information adjacent to the form field where invalid information was entered, you make it easier for the user to discover the source of the error.For example, the following HTML tags generate a form where a user can enter their first name, last name, and age, and includes a button for submitting information to a Web server.The form also contains an hidden input tag (not displayed by the Web browser) that you can use to pass additional information to a Web server.

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