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Even Big Hero Six managed to get a few Asian actors for the Asian roles in that movie, so there are Asian actors who can do great voice work. And when Spacey won the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama TV Series, he planted a sweet kiss on Mara's cheek. However, dating rumors seemed to be the last thing on Spacey's mind as he accepted his first Golden Globe. Based on that they have no plans on going forward with the next movie in the series.

Some curious fans started to wonder if the two are more than friends. "This is the eighth time I've been nominated," he said. If I were Rooney and were asked questions about playing a Native America character I would approach it like this."It's an honor to be able to play a role like this.

Who exactly in that broken industry would be blackballing her, beside an already pissed off and bored public? Rooney and her publicist needs to start coming up with stuff now before the "Pan" movie goes full throttle in the summer of 2015.

I'm looking forward to the questions about whitewashing that Rooney's going to get, and how she's planning to answer them. I can't wait until she has to answer questions about playing a Native American in Pan.

Somebody might want to tell them how the internet works. Rooney Mara, who starred in the David Fincher version of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, is also due to test this week among a handful of others, according to multiple sources. At this stage, Lucasfilm has two Star Wars stand-alones in development, one with Edwards, the filmmaker behind last year’s Godzilla movie, and Josh Trank. In the aftermath, rumors surfaced that Simon Kinberg, who is already co-writing the Trank stand-alone with Lawrence Kasdan, would take over writing duties.

Additionally Felicity Jones, who just received an Oscar nomination for best actress for her work in The Theory of Everything, is said to be on the want list, although there may be scheduling issues with Inferno, the Da Vinci Code sequel that Ron Howard is due to direct this spring and summer. Insiders say that reading and testing for the movie occurred in the U. Sources, however, say that while Kinberg is creatively involved in Star Wars in an overall manner, there are no plans for him to take over.

You bust your ass in bit parts for a decade and then your sister becomes a star with an Oscar nominee by getting a challenging haircut and becoming David Fincher's sex slave.

The girl can only play angry, depressed and sullen because she is angry, depressed and sullen. It is probably the reason why Rooney Mara has a chip on her shoulder."I cannot f------ believe I won."Rooney turned heroine Nancy Thompson in the Nightmare on Elm Street remake into an angry, unlikeable emo bitch. Sure, the script did her no favors, but have a little spunk, girl. Somehow I don't think that there will be no sequels made for TGWTDT. The first Nations people are a culturally rich and beautiful part of this country.They are this country and I can only hope to honor them with an inspired portrayal of a member of the first Nations.Did she have it rough growing up in spite of coming from a family of wealth?Well, R42, it's the malignant, crude and antagonistic Hollywood industry that decided it would be a wise and creative move to put this skinny rich white chick in the role of Tiger Lily, in an already tired and racist story.

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