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Be careful with financing, since some banks will insist on a higher rate for a mortgage on rural property or anything to do with agribusiness. Climate change, while bad overall, should give us California style juice in the next decade or so. Sell the email list of those who post comments here to a psychiatric clinic.No way you’ll qualify for a rate subsidy until the business has proved itself, ditto for property tax rebates and other farmerly incentives. Accounting fees are high, the capital gain tax exemption on the house will be eliminated and you’ll have to claim a taxable benefit for living on the property. Here is the key though, don’t ask for any money up front, just 20% of the net. Why should I compromise to accommodate others but they don’t need to compromise to accommodate me?If these people come over for dinner I wouldn’t serve them non vegan food so why do I need to eat vegan food?Why should I accommodate there choices when mine are being ignored? Yes, from ETF strategies to real estate predictions, relationship counselling, canine management and dating techniques, it’s all here. Here we go again, despite the fact this blog threatens to turn into a cheap site full of tawdry advice for hormonal moisters or confused wrinklies.

“I may need talking off a ledge and figured who better to get mocked by than you?

“The land we’re eyeing is 62 acres, 30 of which is cleared.

Has a beautiful newer 2 bedroom home and we could probably get it for 0K on the high end.

Expect to sell for less in a few months, and to have a longer wait for a buyer to show up. You bought cheap, built sweat equity, have stabilized your living costs and own a detached house for your dog to enjoy which still costs less than a Jiffy John in VYR. Since I am planning to keep this house for now (you may not like) until kids are done from this next door school, another 8 years.

Kelowna rents will fall along with house prices, but you are building some equity and not gutting your income. “So here is my question, is it worth taking extra 100K mortgage and invest in diversified portfolio?

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