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No problem , you hang up on most people any way - I would also like you to know that the scammers come and read and post on sites like this all the time - If gives them hope that they are reaching a targeted market - So some of this stuff you read is well , them - If u need more ideas call me I'm in the DNCL - Bye now and have a nice day I have received calls from these people wanting money, I do owe the debt,however after reading these posts I demanded that they mail me documentation,they said they couldn't do that, that they could only serve me papers and that once I was served Consolidated would no longer be able to help me Caller wanted to speak to my husband about "security-" Asked to be removed off calling list and caller stated he'd call back again tomorrow- I said, "No, put your manager on" and he said, "you can't speak to the manager, but I'll call back tomorrow-" We are on the National Do Not Call List already- Filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission- Our phone provider indicated that those calling from a "" number are affiliated with a scam that tries to get personal and financial information I just called the number that Babs gave us- I had the same experience- Very professiona- Now I need to capture the other companies that are bombarding me with daily phone call and tell them to CALL OFF THE DOGSYou can call the PD from the originating city on the non-emergency line- Doesn't work for occasional telemarketers, must be some form of harrassment- I have done this a couple times- Here's a link for Anaheim:user-govoutreach-com anaheim faq-php?

cid National Credit Adjuster a collection company that is based in Kansas who apparently is outsourcing through local call rooms- If you call they transfer you to a supervisior etc- If you owe adebt pay the debtor NOT the debt collection company Jan- , Received call at : a-m- Woke me up-Caller Id stated private number and , Did not answer because I did not recognize the phone number-It is a Los Angelos, California number with Global as its phone carrier I block u cause u can't tell the true- I hate a lier- HOPE U HAVE FUN WITH YOUR WOMAN- U JUST KEEP ON TELLING A LIE I DON'T THINK U KNOW HOW TO TELL THE TRUE- I DON'T NEED NO ONE THAT DO THIS TO ME- I NEW IT WAS A LIE AGAINI received this call as well- I called the police and they asked me to call him back with the police officer present- I used my cell phone to call him back- The man told me he was in Alabama- I did not realize it was actually Jamaica until I received my phone bill with a charge- The phone company was great about it, though - so that was good Some dumbass trying to scam They called to say I can save money on electric bill- And then when I asked which company do I use they say Pseg but that's not true So I hung up on them Wonder how these annoying people get the Infos- And is also not the first time they called, other times they just hang up Hate this type of phone calls I received a call from this number saying that they had to deliver a court summons to someone I know- They would not tell me who they were or what it was about- They said they are going to give me some information of a lawyer that I need to call to find out what this is about- He would not give me any information so I hung up on him I have a letter from "Tennessee Legal Advocates" with "," as the phone number- Sounds like the one you got, Step, but different names- Mine says "State of Tennessee Licensed" at the top- At the bottom of the page is "Memphis Office"-I googled the phone number to find this blog-Any info appreciated-JPGot a text message from email - told me to call them regarding irregular activity on my account- Number to call , I do not even have an account with this bank I called and they wanted me to enter my account number - not going to happen This number has called times today - They called at :am, :am & :pm- I don't answer numbers I don't recognize- They never leave a message, just hang up after a couple rings- I'm on the Do Not Call List, so why are they calling Debt consolidation government grant program- Called them back to find out what was going on- At first he said I submitted for more information online and they were following up- When pushed, suggested somebody used my computer to put my work number in- When pushed further, said they got my name from the credit agencies as someone who might be interested in debt consolidation and if I wanted to remove my number I had to give him my name- He got very upset when I told him I wasn't giving him any more information about myself Though the Robocall says that they are the 'Breast Cancer Financial Fund" I don't see how they get that from BCFA?

Call back gets very unprofessional sounding recording, "The person you have called is not available-" Then repeated in Spanish followed by a "mesage #," Very phony sounding- Obviously just someone's voice recording- Anyone who calls and refuses to identify themselves either in CID or VM is, in my book, unworthy of my attention and likely a scammer- Good number to block These people will not take you off their list, and will not listen to anything kind- The only way to get rid of them is to cuss them out, threaten to sue them send them to jail find out who they are etc- So far it has made them stop calling me for going on days- We'll see if it works- I am almost to the point where I am willing to spend money to track them down and sue them or prosecute in court for harassment- The only way to get rid of them I have found so far is to make it so unpleasant when they call you that they will take you off the list themselves I also received a call from Kelly Collins from RCS Supply, Parent company IPX- She wanted to send me snow melt and coolant- Offering gift cards from Starbucks and free hats- She wanted a verbal confirmation to ship these items- Bewarereceived several calls from these people looking for some company called SLS Construction- I have told them they have a wrong number and remove my cell phone from their data base- The collection company is integrity solution partners Called me twice now- once yesterday, once today- Same message- saying I need to call back or good luck to me as the situation unfolds- called back told me payday loan for an account that I didnt even have when they are saying I took it- told me someone will come and get me and its my fault for not believing them- I said I needed something in writing and they said its to late- called the FTC and reported everything- Even if I did owe someone money it is illegal to threaten peoplewant a call back, claim to be trying to collect a debt- area code is one the area codes in the Twin Cities - MPLS St Paul- It seems to be a Saint Paul area code-Caller ID says Hastings, MN which is correct for I've been getting calls as well (I'm also in the area code)- I've been ignoring them, but my fiancee called the number back- It's some sweepstakes- He didn't listen to who it was, and when I tried calling back again the call was dropped Received a phone call from someone saying that there were charges filed against me and had a case # to call this number for a debt I dont owe, women very rude sounding, called number said it was BCM??? on most phones, to alert your network operator to the abuse- ATT won't accept But they will accept BLOCK and return a message that the web site is blocked- forward the texts to or BLOCK, depending on your phone carrier-By State DNC lists:www-donotcallprotection-com do_not_call_chart-shtml FCC Abandoned Calls Complaint form:www-fcc-gov cgb consumerfacts D-R-pdfemail: email Yes, playing on my cellular phone asking to speak to Iena, I've been getting pranks calls for some time now, They're passing my phone number from one person to the next, (friends of friends)- I don't know them from adam- Also, I've changed my number twice already and it's starting up again, Next, I will have to check with my cellular company to see if someone is giving my cell number out on the inside, (how many dang times is my account being pulled up from your employee's??????

Dont know who that is tried to bing to no avail OMG I received that same call times in an hour today non stop- I tried calling back but no answer- It's so annoying- I think its from that website google tree money- I filled out that page by mistake thinking I was going to get advice but nothing happened- So I guess know they have my phone number- Such a pain in the- I hope they stop asap It is an FIA Cardservices number- They usually try to call to get you to schedule your next credit card payment over the phone- If you do pick up they are usually really nice, I ignore them so that I don't have to re-explain the reason why we are slowly paying of the past due amount while staying current- Their system auto-dials so even if you explain it to a dozen different people you will still get a call- I just use their calls and voicemail about an "urgent matter" as a reminder to pay the bill Gorenter is full of scam artist- Do not rent from them or let them manage your property- They have several law suits against them and was issued a cease and desist order on , Please do your research this company is bad business For a call blocking device or phone- You can google them and many are around - or so- If its a cell phone, some already have call blocking, if not, there are free apps on the web that will work for some- You can google this- If you have a smart phone, there is a free app called call control- Iphones appear to have apps also- Another one is called Mr- Number-Report your callers here, not just to the DNC alone:www-ftccomplaintassistant-gov #&panel-esupport-fcc-gov ccmsforms form-actioncomplaints-donotcall-gov complaint complaintcheck-aspx? ) kind of check This number belongs to Chase Card Services, formerly Washington Mutual- Every night for the past nights someone has called me from this number and asked for a Daniel or a Danielle- I have told all of them that there is no one here by that name- Tonight I finally had enough and called them back, which is how I found out it's Chase- I told them to remove my number from there files and stop calling or I would report them for harrassment- Seriously, how many times do I have to say "there's no one here by nthat number?

Yes- However, if you tell the debt collector it may not use that number because it is a cell phone, it may not contact you again at that number-I Keep Receiving Dozens of Calls From Collection Agents- Is That Legal?

No- Unscrupulous collection agents will use "block parties" or "office parties" where they contact a consumer, multiple neighbors, or co-workers telling them they need to reach the consumer on an urgent matter- This is not permitted under the FDCPA-A Collector Says I Will Be Arrested if I Do Not Pay This was a true statement before the US Civil War, but has not been true since- People may be arrested if an aggressive judge files a bench warrant for a person who does not appear at a hearing relating to a lawsuit regarding a debt- However, in that case, the offense is the failure to respond to a court order, and not the existence of the debt- As stated above, it is illegal under the FDCPA to threaten a consumer with arrest if the consumer does not pay the debt We just started receiving calls from this number Calls all day long & all evening We don't answer, & they don't leave a msg on machine It is gettn very annoying I have decided answer & "go postal" or "post partum" on the phone, the very next time they call Will keep u posted Sick of this crap I have received several calls over the past weeks fro Timothy Davis at , ext or so he states- When I tried to call him back, I got an answering service who would not tell me the name of the company she was answering for- They first stated that I needed to put up - Now today I would need to put up -, but because he had misquoted earlier, he could do it for -The price sounds to good to be true- If it wounds to good to be true, it usually is- Keep your money in your pocket Same thing happened to me- They claim to have attempted to serve me but I was home on both days and no one ever knocked on my door- You can't fine any information about their so called law company online and when they answer they just say law group because who knows what different names their scamming people under Called today at : pm- Claimed to be called on behalf of the IRS, wanting business owners to participate in a survey so the IRS could use the results to provide better service- Asked for both of us by name- I said we don't own a business- She asked if we filed a Schedule C or a , I did not answer, as it's not her business- She then said she'd remove our names from their list-I call BS- If the IRS really and truly wants to contact business owners to provide better services, it had bloody well better do so via something far more believable than a cold call-The IRS site does turn up Russell Research in a site search, but cold calls are not how I will participate This number keeps calling my house- About two times a day for the last week- I either get someone speaking spanish or dead air- I did some research and found out it is a company called Nutrivida in New Jersey- I live in New York so i decided to go there after trying to call several times- I found the building in a run down part of bergan county new jersey- The building was at least years old and looked condemend- I went inside and saw a paper sign taped to the door that said nutrivida- I went up the stairs and opened the door to a stinky hell hole of an office with or so people sitting doing telemarketing calls- The place was a total sweat shop- Most looked like illegal immigrants and were speaking spanish- I was stopped by a guy who spoke very little English named oscar guayara- hre told me that they sold vitamins and diabetic supplies- seemed like a scam- he wrote down the owners name and phone number for me- Albert huerta - Watch out for these guys, whatever they are doing in that old building doesn't look good I´m a young student her in Canada still getting used to my environement- I was just looking for a roomate to share the load of my rent- i don´t know what to do, i feel so stupid- This lady was very polite to me and yes she said her name is Agnes julie Zhang from singapore, works on a cruize ship and is leaving Italy for Canada- She sent me a picture of her and she sent months of rent- I also sent her a picture of me- Only today i woke up thinking it was to go to be true- I pray that she doesnt use my picture to scam other people- Does anybody know what to do in this situation Tampa, Florida number scouring St- Louis craigslist asking to ship items (iphones) across country using paypal- Wants to ship to his wife because he is "out of country-" Never ship anything via craigslist, always deal locally These fools called gave my social and said that I needed to call them right away in regards to some fraud BS and then said if I didn't return their call I will get picked up its crazy they also have a Indian accentrecieved a call from donald brown @ , he told me I won million dollars & a mercedes , but before they could deliver it they had to collect - from me- I am an elderly woman & don't like getting scam calls- I am already on the "Florida No Call" list We kept getting calls for whoever had our new number before us, and they are the collection department for Drive Time America (I think that was the name)- I called to get them to remove our number, and the lady who answered explained who they were- By the way, in contrast to a lot of people who call like this, this bunch was polite and professional- I am still not crazy about getting called repeatedly regarding someone else's debts - I have enough of my own to worry about - but they did remove my number and were professional about it- Need to give credit where it is due American Home Improvement in Jersey City, NJ calling from () -, calling to solicit all they way down in southern Pennsylvania- I checked on Marta and they have a yearly income of , so I would not trust them soliciting from so far away with such a small income- Why can they not get customers from that area unless they do a bad job, or they take the money and runtelemarketer scammer hang-up caller using 'SSI' as caller i-d- and several different phone numbers in Memphis (,), Covington (,) and Arlington (,) to try and get over on the unsuspecting,hunt em' down and string em' upsome kind of marketing- Ask them to remove your number they tell you no then hang up on you- Call the nmbr back and you get the message this nmbr is not reachable- Just block and contact phone provider- Let them fix the [email protected] guy on the other end of the line claimed a had entered into a contest and had won a prize- He was inquiring as to why I had yet to pick up my check- He spoke softly and mumbled when I asked him to repeat what he had said- I told him that he had called my work phone, which I had just gotten assigned a week ago, and there was no way I had entered- He asked if that meant I didn't want my check- I said no and he told me to, "F off, man-"This number called me and identified themselves as "Microsoft Support" saying that my computer was replicating viruses- They will read you a "CLSID" number that they say is unique, but is actually EXACTLY THE SAME on all Windows PCs, and is NOT actually identifying information- This is a SCAM, they will try to gain remote access to your computer, and ask for to "repair" it- HANG UP IMMEDIATELY IF YOU RECEIVE THIS SCAM CALLI just to know that number: status-When i called this number and there was a message that phone is not avaiable and call later-I just wants to know that my friend number is disconnected or changed the number and his name is: mr- jasjit singh Call dropped after I answered- Again, researched also and it comes up as a land line from MCI originating in Ladue- If this is a phishing call, whomever was asked for any type of bank or acct info should report this to local authorities- There was just the big story on the news last night of the scam artists targeting First Nat'l Bank customers- Don't fall for it This company called and said "We are calling about your credit card" Me, I have no CC- Company: Well we have better news the interest rate is going down Me: How when I dont have a Card- Obviously a SCAM BEWAREMejia Stonewalls Inc- Holtsville, NY, () - We've been delivering nothing but the best landscaping service at a reasonable cost, for the past years- Landscaper, Irrigation Service, Lawn Care, Landscaping Contractor, Landscaping mejiastonewalls-com This caller impersonated a Detective Michael Andrews and claimed he had a warrant for my arrest for missing jury duty- He said I could avoid being arrested by sending money through "Green Dot Services-"this number rang my cell- very few people have my cell- I know this is a spam call- I did not pick up since I did not recognize the number nor do I know anyone in Texas- this number did not leave a message I was the one who placed a call to you- I believe this number is used when calls are sent out over VOIP network, so some people here may get calls from other people from this number- You can call me at , x if you have any questions- We produce talk shows hosted by financial advisors and other financial experts and our shows are heard on stations like WVNJ in New York, KCAA in Southern California, CNN in Houston, and dozens of others This guy will rip you off- He posses as Jack and as George from ITESS- Says Google told him that hackers have gotten into your computer- When you refuse his price he messes your computer up- He will turn your camera on as well without you knowing SCAMMER ALERT - WARNING - SCAMMER ALERTDOOSHBAG SCAMMER SCAMMING CARS AND ITEMS FROM CRAIGSLIST, TRYING TO SCAM CHEAP CARS FROM MILES AWAY- SERIOUSLY DOOSHBAG, YOU'RE TRYING TO SCAM A CAR FROM NEW JERSEY AND I'M IN OKLAHOMA ?

Let me know, I am so "f"ing sick of these people calling and harrassing me I have been receiving calls from an , number for the last several weeks- They call several times a day, and sometimes twice within a hour or so- They also start calling early in the morning and continue throughout the day- I finally had enough and called them back this morning- Some person with a foreign accent answered the phone and said he was trying to reach me,calling me by my first name- He identified his group as MCO Financial- I told him that he had tried several times too many, that his phone calls were nuisances, and that I had had enough- I informed him that, if he called again, I would report him to my phone company and file a report with the police for harrassment- He insisted upon having me give him my phone number, which was a clear set-up, since they had been calling my phone number for weeks, and since he recognized my name as soon as I placed the call this morning- I signed up for the Do No Call Protection Service when it first came into effect- These people calling me seem to have no respect for the law, for home residents, or for problems they might be creating in homes, medical or otherwise- They must be stopped I will call my phone company as soon as I post this message- I will also make contact with the Do Not Call program and report this , number (another of their shyster phone numbers, no doubt)- I will also call the local police and try to file a report against them for harrassment- I suggest all who have received calls from these people do likewise- How did my conversation with the foreign-speaking male end this morning?

He continued to insist that I give him my phone number- I continued to tell him "No," that he obviously already had it, since he called me by name when he answered my call- After a few of these exchanges, he hung up on me- Great business practice, huh?

I've had enough- I hope those of you who've been preyed on by these insistant vultures have too- Let's report them to the authorities and see if they hang up on the law I did not talk to the caller and they did not leave a message- All I know is that the area code is on the "Scammer Beware - Do Not Call" list- If you call this number back you will be charged to per minute on your phone bill- Be careful Every day I receive between - automatic phone calls that usually end up on my answering machine and start with" to hear this message press ; you have a text-to-landline message from " followed by some message that makes no sense to me often mentioning justice, sicknesses, complaints- Please note that I am not pressing - When I call this number to notify the owner of that number, I get the message "You just received the voice mail of Espito Lopez, please leave a short message , - this subscriber cannot receive messages at this time ," The number receiving these annoying calls is my office number , Mortgage Scam Script:(Female caller) ,unintelligible- home program and the new home loan limits with Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae and the FHA - the Federal Housing Administration- This stimulus package will help home owners save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars each month by lowering their present interest rate and help those home owners that need to get out of an adjustable and into a thirty year fixed- (Male caller) Please note that this is a temporary program and is only available until the end of - So press now to find out if you are eligible for the governments economic stimulus home loan program- These government home loans are federally insured so they are regulated which means that they cost less than traditional home loans- With the new guidelines you may be eligible to refinance your existing home loan and save money no mater what your credit score- Press now to find out if you are eligible- Press if you wish to be removed from our marketing list-"This # has called occasionally- I finally called it back- It supposedly will teach you how to coach other people about information and education licensing- They do not tell you anything about what this means- It sounds like a pyramid scheme to me They are a online payday loan collection agency- They are nasty and rude- I told them I never took out that payday loan and she yelled and said I did- I explained that I lived in Florida and those types of loans are very illegal here- She got nasty and hung up on me- Her name was Adrianna and the company says MIdwest This phone number has called me several times- I did talk to someone they offered my to work from home and told me they would set up a website for me and then asked for my bank info to pay for the web account I hung up on them- They are still calling my number- Becareful Caller claims that my windows Operating system is compromised- Gives the name listed on phone book as the person in the house- Claims that we have a CLSI errors and provides a long ID code- When I told them that they are a scam, he got quite upset and started yelling at me- I asked for a call back number and this is what he gave- Said his name was Peter- I hung up and called the authorities as this is happening quite often- I was told to just hang up and them- Do not engage Mom received a call, & I didn't belive anything they said I called back asked to talk to "David" they said he was speaking to the supervisor, I told them I searched on the INTERNET for this number & that it was fraudulent I also told them I called the AUTHORITIES, DYOU KNOW WHAT THEY TOLD ME?

You do not need to violate your own right to privacy The stolen data was recovered- Suspect is in custody- The ECMC website has an update about it- The North Carolina Dept of Justice also has an update in their News release tab-www-ecmc-org or www-ncdoj-gov I've been receiving a call destined for the boyfriend of years ago- I don't know where he is at now- I wanted to tell them the number is wrong- But always recording, I can't talk to anybody- There is number to call to inform the wrong telephone number- When I called, recording is asking my social security number- For what??

As I'm sure you know, predictive-dialed calls to a cell phone are illegal-Two things you can do:) Report the call to the FCC here: esupport-fcc-gov form consumer-do Predictive dialed calls to a cell phone are forbidden by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)- Unauthorized prerecorded telemarketing calls to residential land lines is also forbidden by TCPA- ) Sue 'em- Whether you received only one illegal call or multiple calls, the TCPA gives you the right to sue for damages to the tune of per call- You can file suit yourself (usually in small claims court) or retain a consumer law attorney who will take care of it on your behalf- Many times, by the way, the telemarketer settles out of court This number calls before : A-M- of mornings- They hide their identity with caller ID only showing "NOT IN USE" and they never leave a message- I am on the Do Not Call List am disabled and get many harassing phone calls especially the last nine years- Even if it is a telemarketer they legally are suppose to check and not call those on the do not call list, and they are not legally allowed to disturb individuals before A-MI calked the number back,it's some telemarketer- They keep calling and hanging up- When I called the number back and asked why they keep calling and hanging up, he said that was a mistake made by someone else and then started in on the pitch- When I asked to be removed from the list he hung up again I also got one of these bingo tickets and of course just all u guys got the X in the middle box lol- After reading ur posts I never called thanks to u guys, And guess what I was outside when the mail man came and handed me the card along with our mails, SO YES IT IS Canada Post that delivers themcalled my cell phone which is a private listing and left no message- When I called back from another line, there was dead air space then a busy signal- Don't waste your time- It had to be a spammer- I blocked it through the White pages ID app on my cell My husband received a call from this number, then I received a text from the female from this number- She threatened me, and said she will see me soon, and a bunch of stuff to me- She is harraising me and my family and won't stop She he or it is mad at me cause I bombed them calling them every name under the sun when he she or it replied back it was nasty dirty miss spelled curse words that didn't make any sense while they where saying you don't know us don't judge and things like that it really is sad that we the hard working American people have to live and put up with such lazy worthless individauls such as them nut I'm done for now Text from this number at am Woke me up"Congratulations GRANTWORK has creative financing proposal for you (sic), kindly contact your representative via: email for more details-"-If I hadn't been on my own WIFI network, this would have cost me money Received a call from , with a message from "Chris Allen" regarding my "state and federal requirements" for a construction company- Hmm - I don't have a construction company or any company like that- He said to call him at , A scam - beware Windows scam call as mentioned above, I got it today at my house in North Carolina-We have an Apple computer but they were telling us our Windows had a virus and to give them access to our machine-I just hung up The call said it was out of New Jersey-I got the same call from Washington state months ago, but on that one the caller id was kind enough to label it as fraudster calls in three days- Same as everyone else reported: no one picks up if I answer- When I have called back, an automated voice in "customer service" supposedly puts you in a queue for help, but no one ever picks up- Three times I selected the option to be put on their "no call" list, but the calls keep coming-So,who can make it stop???

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