Dating poems for 1 year anniversary updating apt

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Then, in retrospect, you think back about how you were acting during that time and realize your emotions were on high alert.

To put this in perspective for men -- you should know better than to go near a woman when she is experiencing Pre-Menstrual Syndrome!

A million times "Yes" my love Could anyone else ever take your place Never, never my love The years we shared do I regret a one?

Never a minute's regret my love Would I live them over given the choice?

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By the time the actual anniversary day rolls around, it is almost a relief to know you just have one more day to get through and then you have a fresh year in front of you.

Surprisingly, I never realized how stressed I was until after the day had passed.

For women, I would liken it to the two weeks before your period; you may not realize how emotional you are until after you get your period.

For me, the anniversary date of the death of my late husband was never as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Early on, each year, it would be the couple of weeks that led up to the anniversary that always knocked me for a loop.

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