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But they are the persecuted minority of the minority: more Christians are dying and being displaced for their faith now than ever before in the 2,000 years of the history of our faith.The only place in the Middle East where Christians live in freedom is Israel, and even...

When the 11-meter object was discovered in the 1950s, it was in 57 pieces.Archaeologists hope the find could shed light on the life of the 19th Dynasty pharaoh, who ruled over 3,200 years ago.The find was made by an Egyptian-Czech mission in the village of Abusir near the step pyramid of Saqqara. The term was popularized by the American Orientalist James Henry Breasted.The Fertile Crescent includes a roughly crescent-shaped area of relatively fertile land which probably had a more moderate, agriculturally productive climate in the past than today, especially in Mesopotamia and the Nile valley.

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