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i have look at many web site and not enough information on this subject and i will let others know about this web site.the reason for the information i am in a religion class at the University of Phoenix and writing about a time line for Abraham to the present.thanks, mags I spent two hours trying to find information about what happened in Egypt before Moses and i finally found this website. I depend upon the information you have so generously provided. It is such a pleasure to read and think about the Jewish past which has a great effect on our future.And in half an hour i had everything i needed, and more. it was comprehensive and easy to understand even for me. I love reading the comments from the many different people and I thank them also.

Israel is, has been, and should be the homeland of the Jews.Easy print PDF version of this timeline 12k PDF courtesy of S.Malka Cohen at J M Publishers We have now reached the conclusion of this series and before we wrap up it is fitting for us to put into perspective the ground that we have covered.It was so well written that I am going to read it and study it more in depth.Again, thank you; and please continue to write more about Jewish History.

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